Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Bauhaus Evolution

An Artistic Hypothesis


"Art and technology--A New Unity"
Title of a speech given by Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius

The basic idea of B.E. is in the formation of an artistic lineage, which connects primitive symbolism, modern design and digital media. Bauhaus Evolution is a harmonious blend of the naturalistic and the futuristic.

One will note, when thinking of the three categories of primitive symbolism, modern design and digital media, there is a primary function centered on the idea of conveying a message. It is with this premise that the conceptualization of B.E. first emerged. Using simple shapes and lines, the visual experience is one that, like the original Bauhaus, leans toward a reductive minimalism that often narrates through symbol gestures. Shapes replace words and color provides emphasis.

So what of symbols? Pictographs? Icons?

In the primitive world pictographs were created, most likely, out of a need to communicate a message that was relevant to survival. Also of course, ancient cultures throughout history have used symbols as a way to transform life’s experiences through ritual and archetypal manifestations.

Moving from the primitive to the industrial revolution, this is the age of social and aesthetic revolution. This is the age of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the early rumblings of what would become the German Bauhaus school. At this point the idiom (symbol) took on a more architectural feel. Afro-primitive came in contact with Euro-mechanical. In fact, in many cases, on a more quantum level, re-styled symbols became design schemes for buildings, fashion and interior furnishings, reinforcing the idea that form follows function. During this same period, the world of graphic design emerged, triggering an explosion of new print techniques.

Salon art began to merge with the arts and crafts -- utilitarian design. In fact, the idea of the exalted craftsman was at the core of Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus Manifesto.

Bauhaus Evolution signifies the complete synthesis of primitive symbolism, minimalistic modernism and digital design.

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